Flame Proof Plants

They can take the heat and keep on blooming!

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Dallas Arboretum Plant Trials News

The Trial Gardens at the Dallas Arboretum were created for the purpose of expanding our research efforts and providing information to the public. The focus of the trial program is to grow and evaluate many different plants in the drastic climate of the Metroplex and North Central Texas. Information generated from the trials is provided to commercial plant producers, retailers, and home gardeners. Between 3,000 and 5,000 plants are trialed yearly from over 150 plant breeding companies. These gardens represent the cutting edge of horticultural research into heat-tolerant plants.

 SAVE THE DATE! Field Day is just around the corner- join us at the Dallas Arboretum on Wednesday, June 28th, where we’ll share the results of this year’s plant trials and see what excelled in 2023.

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Field Day Fan Favorites!

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Flame Proof Winners 2021

Arboretum Approved 2021-2022