Flame Proof Plants

They can take the heat and keep on blooming!

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Dallas Arboretum Plant Trials News


What's new in the Trial Gardens:

  Spring is in full swing here at the Dallas Arboretum. Daffodils are open, Tulips are up, the Cherry trees are starting to bloom, and the weather is lovely. We have some very unquie Tulips in trials, as well as some amazing Pansies and Violas. It is a beautiful time to visit the Dallas Arboretum! 

The Pansy and Viola trial has been a success, but is coming to a close. Over the next few weeks we will be moving into our spring trial. A few of the plants we will be trialing are Calibrachoa, Cosmos, Dahlia, and Petunias. We will have some material that we have not had in trials before. So be sure to come out what we are growing!